FIAN – that is FoodFirst Information and Action Network.

FIAN is an international human rights organization that has advocated for the realization of the right to food for more than 20 years. FIAN consists of national sections and individual members in over 50 countries around the world. FIAN is a not-for-profit organization without any religious or political affiliation and has consultative status to the United Nations.

FIAN’s mission is to expose violations of people’s right to food wherever they may occur. We stand up against unjust and oppressive practices that prevent people from feeding themselves. The struggle against gender discrimination and other forms of exclusion is integral part of our mission. We strive to secure people’s access to the resources that they need in order to feed themselves, now and in the future.

FIAN analyzes and documents concrete cases of violations of the right to food. We raise awareness on the right to food among social movements, non-governmental organisations and governmental bodies. We respond to requests from victim groups whose right to food is threatened or has been violated and mobilise support. With protest letter campaigns, advocacy and recourse to the law, we exert public pressure in order to hold governments accountable for violations of the right to food. We follow up on cases until the victims get appropriate redress. Within the United Nations system and other legal regimes, we advocate respect of human rights in order to strengthen and improve the international human rights protection.

FIAN’s vision is a world free from hunger, in which every woman, man and child can fully enjoy their human rights in dignity, particularly the right to adequate food, as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights instruments.

FIAN is an international membership based organisation. FIAN’s institutional members are its national and regional sections which are legal entities in their own right and have their own membership and elected decision-making bodies.

The sections are first formed as co-ordinating groups in a country or region. At the local level, members of FIAN form groups mainly run by volunteers.

FIAN has some 45 active local groups world-wide. Total membership of FIAN currently stands at around 3,600 in more than 50 countries.

The overall mission, vision and the strategy of FIAN is defined and revised by the International Council (IC), and represented by delegates of the sections who meet once in two years. The IC elects the International Executive Committee (IEC).

For more in English please see FIAN International.

Mat-Beat 16. okt. 2013

Kom på fest og bli med å feire verdens matsikkerhetsdag! Mat-Beat (leses ”matbit”) skal markere den internasjonale matsikkerhetsdagen, den 16. oktober, etter en ide fra FIAN Norge.

Ta kontakt om du vil jobbe frivillig under Mat-Beat. Lag et Mat-Beat der du bor!

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Bli medlem!

FIAN Norge trenger flere medlemmer som vil hjelpe oss å forsvare alles rett til mat.

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Nyhetsbrevet Mat og Rett
Årsmelding 2012

2012 var et begivenhetsrikt år for FIAN Norge. året var ikke uten turbulens, men det ga også viktige seire.

Last ned FIAN Norges årsmelding 2012 her.